For Immediate Release:


Kingsport, TN - Today, Sullivan County Native, Pharmacist, and small business owner Bobby Harshbarger announced his candidacy for Tennessee State Senate District 4 Republican Primary, representing Sullivan and Hawkins counties.


“As a father of two young sons, I worry when I look around and see what’s going on in our country and classrooms. Our current Senator, who’s been in office for nearly 20 years, has forgotten the people who put him there in the first place, and his voting record shows it said Bobby Harshbarger. We need leaders in Nashville who represent the values of families in Hawkins and Sullivan Counties and will stand up for what’s right and just, and I look forward to earning the trust and support of the voters.”


The Republican Primary Election for Tennessee District 4 will be held on Thursday, August 1st. To learn more about Bobby and his plan to protect our children and uphold East Tennessee Values, please visit



Bobby Harshbarger was raised in Sullivan County and attended Dobyns-Bennett High School. He completed his undergraduate studies at ETSU and received a Doctorate degree from Mercer University College of Pharmacy in Atlanta, GA. Bobby met the love of his life, Erin, while in pharmacy school. When he's not giving piggyback rides to his two young boys, Bobby serves patients in his community by ensuring they get the medicine they need and the care they deserve. Governor Bill Lee recently appointed Bobby to serve on the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy which is responsible for licensing and registering individuals and businesses within the pharmaceutical industry.


Jon Lundberg was elected to State office in 2006, nearly 20 years ago. In that time, he’s forgotten the people of Sullivan and Hawkins counties who trusted him to represent their values by voting against:


Measures to deter illegal immigrants from coming into Tennessee


Giving victims the right to sue men from entering into women’s bathrooms

Bill that would prevent gender pride flag from being displayed in classrooms